“I was searching for my own version of “eat. Pray Love” and stumbled upon this trip.  I cannot be more thankful for the joy, peace, renewal and love i’ve felt this week. The energy and restoration of this week will live with me for a long long time, and i’m filled with gratitude for Ben and Georgie in helping to restore my soul. ” – Aviva – Chicago

“Thank you again for such a beautiful weekend… I think it was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had, and that is due, in large part, to the people in attendance. I love you for making it all happen.”  – Kristen – San Francisco

“One of the most magnificent, incredible trips of my life. Goodness in San Francisco and in the Sierra Mountains!” – Lindsay Mack – NYC


“As I told you. I was floored by how amazing this event was. I will be returning again the future and have been telling everyone.” – Tian Lee – San Francisco

“From new friends from all over it has never been easier to be myself, and love others for their beautiful selves – my face hurts, because I can’t stop smiling” – Meg – San Francisco

“I’d like to thank Ben and the rest of YogaScapes team for putting on a world class Yoga and surfing retreat. The location. logistics, and details were very well thought out and people involved in the trip could not have been better. Jess and Jason gave us some great yoga classes and, being a novice at yoga, I felt totally comfortable with both of them and benefited from their expertise.  Ditto for the crew at Maderas Village, who proved to be top shelf hosts for whom we can’t say enough good.  Meals, atmosphere, social interaction were all totally beyond our expectations. Much love and respect to Juan Carlos and Rebelde surfing school at the botton of the hill!

Although my wife and I came to relax and get away together ( which we definitely did) , what we found was that the best part of the trip was meeting and hanging the other members of the group. Too much to go into great detail here, but EVERYONE came together to have a blast, creating cool experiences, memories, and new friendships that’ll carry over into our lives back home. ” Jay – Tampa, FL

“First of all, thank you, Dan, and MC for the amazing experience in Morocco. The trip exceeded my expectations in every way. I have to admit, I am typically wary of pre-booked vacations. I generally believe that by following a predefined schedule, they restrict your travel experience and reduce your exposure to the local culture. However, this trip was 100% to the contrary: by taking care of the logistical details, it freed us up to more fully experience Morocco in our own personal ways. I was amazed how each one of us got such an individualized experience. And of course, being surrounded by a group of supportive, open-minded, and fun travel partners made it all the more rewarding, something you rarely get with solo travel.


You guys managed to strike such an amazing balance, and although it looked effortless, I know that it takes careful planning, hard work, a great attitude, and no small amount of luck.” – Aaron Small – NYC

“When I woke up today in NYC I didn’t feel sad but disappointed at not finding myself back in Morocco.  I’m very happy with my life in NYC but my week in Agadir with you three and the others was truly a once in a life time experience, way better than I ever imagined.  It wasn’t just  about having fun  but it was how I felt inside, so at peace with myself and my life and so calm mentally. ” – Paul McDonough – NYC