Dress a Bomber Jacket to Travel in winter

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Bomber jackets are versatile, can be worn in any weather, and usually perfectly pair with any attire. However, given their bulked-out nature, they’re perfect for winter travel as you look to don a more suave look. Winter bomber jacket mens apparel is incredibly timeless, and since they’re unisexual – thanks to the contemporary civilian fashion – women still find them useful.


While you may be expecting to keep your style during winter travel, it’s also imperative that you get warmer bomber jackets to keep the cold away. The warmer types have special linings and material that insulates you from the cold and preserves your body warmth to avoid cold attacks and a subsequent bumpy travel experience.

Bomber Jacket to Travel winter


Are bomber jackets warm for winter travel?


The original intention of making bomber jackets was to keep World War 1 pilots warm and protect them from the cold while flying. Since then, manufacturers have maintained that purpose, producing types that ideally retain body warmth. Typical winter bomber jacket varieties have lining insulation that keeps you warmer when layered with other clothes underneath.


Some also have an outer layering that dispels the cold. Leather jackets’ exterior surfaces, for instance, are incredible heat insulators and don’t usually allow the cold to permeate your body. Besides, they’re stylish enough to give you a luxurious emperor’s look to bolster your confidence as well.


Cotton varieties are also perfect for winter travel because they create pocket insulation preventing your body heat from escaping. However, manufacturers line some nylon bomber jackets with cotton, wool, Sherpa, faux fur, or fleece, which are also perfectly incredible. Better still, hoody bomber jackets seal the deal, offering you complete protection as you braze the cold in your travel. The extra protection that the hood provides shields your neck and head, covering the ears almost entirely. That helps you protect your body heat from dissipating, which serves you the purpose of keeping warm.


Are bomber jackets waterproof enough for winter travel?


As you travel in winter, there’s a likely chance that it may drizzle a bit. That shouldn’t be a problem because bomber jackets have this sheer ability to resist water. Most bomber jackets have nylon outer coverings except a few made out of cotton or other water-penetrable fabric. However, to an extent, nylon bomber jackets usually give in to allow a little moisture to your skin, which would otherwise be possible if it’s pouring heavily.


Nevertheless, steer clear of suede bomber jackets because they’re highly intolerable to water. Exposing them to moisture ruins them and cuts their lifespan short. Instead, a perfect alternative for nylon bomber jackets is polyester, which has the subtle ability to keep water away without ruining your style as you travel in the winter.


Should a winter travel bomber jacket be tight?


There’s no fixed rule dictating the proper size for a bomber jacket because it all lies within your preferences. Some people love them tight, while others prefer donning varsity-style sizes. The idea that tight bomber jackets preserve heat more and keep you warmer is purely mythical. Instead, it’s recommendable that you keep them loose so that it doesn’t make you uncomfortable.


There’s an apparent reason for that; a space allowance adds extra insulation between your skin and the fabric, which helps maintain your body’s temperature. However, the sleeves should be tight around your wrists to prevent sagging or falling beyond your palms since that would nag you with constant adjustments. If you prefer longer sleeves that drop beyond your palm for style, then it’s entirely your choice. But if you need to keep your palms warm, a pair of gloves would help instead.


Marginally body-gripping bomber jackets are perfect, especially those loosely fitting around your torso and chest. That won’t only preserve body heat better but also help you move your arms and twist about just easily. In that regard, it’ll prevent tears as you flex.


Which types of bomber jackets are best for frigid winter travel?


The conventional bomber jackets fitting right about your upper body the waist are just perfect. However, longer bomber jackets can still be ideal if you don’t mind donning the ‘extra’ undertaker’s look. Longer bomber jackets have it all when it comes to shielding you from the cold, giving you some sort of protection on your upper legs as well. Some designs with longer collar necks can be marginally better, not just for keeping the cold away but also for popping your style out.


Some varieties, including the alpha industries B-15 and slim fit N-3B, are game-changers in winter travel. Other types lined with warmer material can be perfect and include fleece, wool, and Sherpa line types. Although cotton bomber jackets can be workable, too, there lies the question of whether they can tolerate moisture and keep you comfortable.


Bomber Jacket to Travel


How do you wear a bomber jacket in style for winter travel?


It shouldn’t be about traveling alone, but rather doing it style. Luckily, the bomber jacket market has every type and color that fits your taste. It only takes a keen eye for detail to don the head-turning look. But almost entirely, it depends on how you align the colors, matching them with each other perfectly.


Impressive styles for winter travel bomber jackets include:


  • Wearing a hoodie underneath – This contemporary urban outfit style makes you pop out with a bit of an attitude. It’s perfect for fashion as well as giving you extra protection from the cold.


  • Putting on a color-matching T-shirt – of course, it’s only reasonable to zip up your bomber jacket –given the cold – but if it’s not that frosty, letting the zipper loose to reveal your shirt underneath gives you a sense of style.


  • Wearing boots or high-soled sneakers with long bomber jackets – This undertaker’s look is just admirable and makes you look super cool as you travel in winter.


  • Adding on a cap and letting the jacket loose and unzipped – a fitting cap can be the game changer when paired together with a bomber jacket. Besides, it provides extra protection to your scalp from the cold, so why would you forgo it?




From time immemorial, bomber jackets have been continually instrumental, thanks to their versatile ability to keep away the cold and elevate the sense of fashion. They still hold this timeless significance and, hopefully, will for a long time coming. Rightly, bomber jackets keep you warm in the winter as you travel and, therefore, perfect for the occasion.

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